Washington Chicken is a family-owned, independent, fast casual style restaurant, established in Hagerstown, Maryland in 2015.

The mission of the restaurant is to provide a burst of flavor and texture in a cheerful, modern atmosphere with a humorous tribute to the namesake of Washington County.

All of our food is homemade, prepared fresh daily, on site. All of our chicken is always fresh, never frozen!


Real Buffalo, NY Style Wings, jumbo sized, crispy on the outside, hot and juicy on the inside; served with celery and carrot sticks
and your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dip.
10 piece  $12.99
15 piece  $18.99
20 piece  $24.99

Naked Wing | Old Bay | BBQ | Mango Habanero | Sweet Red Chili | Kickin’ Bourbon Molasses | Mason-Dixon (Old Bay-Buffalo)
Honey Sriracha | Honey BBQ | Honey Mustard | Honey Spice | House Spice | Wowvocado | Sriracha
Buffalo Style Wing Sauce – your choice of MEDIUM or HOT

Huge Chicken Tenders
Jumbo sized chicken tenders, prepared either crispy or grilled, and served with your choice of special dipping sauce*
4 piece  $6.99
10 piece  $12.99
20 piece  $22.99

Chicken Poppers Meal
Tossed in the various flavors (see wings list); comes with sidewinder fries and a drink of your choice. Served with crispy or grilled chicken. $7.99

Chicken & Waffles   $7.99


Toasted Jalapeno Cornbread Chicken Sandwich
Prepared with your choice of either crispy or grilled, lettuce, tomato, onion, choice of cheese**, choice of mayo or special sauce,
and served on toasted jalapeno cornbread $8.99

Homemade BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich
Homemade picnic style pulled chicken, prepared with our special house recipe BBQ sauce;
topped with your choice of cheese** and served on a Kaiser roll $7.99
• On toasted jalapeno cornbread $8.99

Philly Style Chicken “Cheesesteak” Sandwich
All of the flavors you’d expect from a “Philly;” crispy or grilled, lettuce, tomato, onion, choice of cheese** $7.99

Traditional Chicken Sandwich
Prepared with your choice of either crispy or grilled, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, choice of cheese**,
served on a Kaiser roll  $6.99

Chicken Salad Sandwich
Homemade zesty all white meat chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, onion, your choice of cheese**,
served on a Kaiser roll $7.99

Mount Vernon
Crispy chicken sandwich topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon, jumbo onion ring, and BBQ sauce. $8.99

Enjoy either as a dip or as a sandwich spread:

Honey Mustard
Honey Sriracha
Honey BBQ
Wowvocado – a creamy ranch with a blend of avocado and poblano peppers
BBQ – our special house recipe
Mango Habanero – a sweet tropical and hot pepper blend
Sweet Red Chili – perfect blend of sweet and spicy
Kickin’ Bourbon Molasses – a blend of sweet bourbon, sticky molasses, and spicy peppers
Cusabi – a creamy buttermilk ranch with a blend of cucumber and wasabi flavors
Sabi – a creamy blend of horseradish, mayo, and mild spices
Sriracha – a creamy, tangy blend of mayo, ground horseradish, ketchup, lemon juice, ginger, and a host of spices
(Additional sauce $1.69)

Provolone, Swiss or Pepper Jack  (Extra cheese $.99)

2 chicken tenders (prepared crispy or grilled), sidewinder fries, ketchup, and milk (2% or chocolate) or Tum-E Yummies (red or blue) $5.99


Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, Caesar dressing.
Served with crispy or grilled chicken $8.99

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Romaine lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, crispy or grilled, blue cheese dressing $8.99

Pulled BBQ Chicken Salad
Artisan Blend lettuce, tomato, onion, ranch dressing $8.99

Greek Salad
Artisan Blend lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, Greek olives, feta, pepperoncinis, Greek dressing.
Served with crispy or grilled chicken $8.99

Vegetarian Salad   $8.99

Chicken Salad on Salad
All white chicken salad on a bed of fresh salad greens and veggies $8.99

SOUPS (seasonal)

Homemade Chicken Noodle
Made fresh on site daily, one size (large) $5.99

Creamy Corn Chicken
Made fresh on site daily, one size (large) $5.99

Served with crispy or grilled chicken

Caesar Wrap
Romaine lettuce, parm cheese, Caesar dressing $7.99

Ranch Wrap
Artisan Blend lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, ranch or cusabi dressing $7.99

Chicken BLT Wrap
Romaine, tomato, mayo, real bacon $7.99

Buffalo Wrap
Romaine lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, bleu cheese dressing $7.99

Vegetarian Wrap
Fresh crisp veggies with your choice of cheese: swiss, provolone, pepper jack, feta, cheddar;
dressing: Caesar or Greek or any dipping sauce from list $7.99


Sweet Potatoes Waffle Fries $4.75
Southern Style Green Beans
, cut fresh daily, never canned $4.49
Collard Greens, fresh greens, never canned $4.49
Homemade Macaroni and Cheese $3.99
Fried Pickle Spears served with your choice of dipping sauce* $4.99
Sidewinder Fries a unique version of jumbo curly fries
Small $2.69 |  Large $4.49
Onion Rings, oversized crispy golden brown onion rings, served with your choice of dipping sauce* $4.10
Chips: Original, Jalapeno, Salt & Vinegar, BBQ $1.00
Cowboy Bites, cream cheese, corn, and bacon, deep fried and delicious $4.99

served with your choice of dipping sauce*


Homemade Fresh Cookies $1.99


Bottled Soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Root Beer) $1.99
Bottled Golden Peak Teas, Sweet Tea or Diet $2.09
Bottled Water $1.70
Milk Box (2% or chocolate) $1.50
Tum-E Yummies $1.50

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Longtime Washington County residents Sarah and Charles Bowman have a passion for delicious fresh food, American history, and family time.  They have always stayed busy shuttling their daughters to school, sports, and other family activities.  The family loves to cook but often lacks the time to shop and prepare fresh meals.  The area has always offered formal, sit down style restaurants as well as fast food chains, sub shops, and pizza restaurants but no fresh and casual alternatives for busy families and professionals.  And so Washington Chicken was born.


The menu features fresh, made-to-order favorites, such as an oversized chicken sandwich served on jalapeno cornbread with a special dipping sauce, a huge Greek salad filled with feta cheese, crisp veggies, and seasoned grilled chicken, homemade chicken poppers paired with a heaping portion of sidewinder fries, homemade chicken noodle soup, crispy chicken wings with 8 sauce choices, and so much more.  Guests order at the counter from a friendly, smiling staff member and eat in the casual, custom-painted dining room or carry out their meal to their home or work.


A history buff, Charles wanted to honor the area’s rich history and tradition.  The restaurant is named for the county, Washington County, and its namesake George Washington. In his prior life, Charles worked as a professional artist, and so, of course, Washington Chicken is custom painted with Charles’ artwork and his special mural, which he painted as a humorous tribute to George Washington.


On a typical day, the dining room is filled with retirees, families with young children, medical assistants, mechanics, delivery drivers, accountants, college students, and more.  All of Washington Chicken’s customers share a common value- a hunger for fresh, homemade, flavorful meals in a locally owned, casual setting.


Sarah and Charles Bowman encourage you to enjoy Washington County; enjoy your meal; enjoy each other!